Russian Classical Ballet Academy

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My First Stage Children's Dance Theatre

Russian Classical Ballet Academy was started to give kids and children, young adults, and adults an opportunity to train and learn ballet in the method of A.Vaganova.

Most dancers begin their formal training - often in a classical technique, such as ballet - between the ages of five or fifteen. Our sole purpose at the school is to show, teach, and inspire students about art of dance.

Being a dancer is about conveying thoughts, emotions, and imagery with an immediacy that fully engages and entertains students.

As a result of tremendous hard work every year from both students and staff, we hope that we can develop and create every student’s dream to become a dancer and give them a chance to explore the art.

The school also offers recreational programs that allow students to learn and gain knowledge of other dance styles and technique.

Yearly performances, concerts, and competitions give all the students of Russian Classical Ballet School Academy a chance to show their yearly achievements, dedication, and hard work, along with bringing them the experience and joy of performing on stage.

To learn how to effectively perform on stage, and be able to share our student’s passion and interest in dance, is one of the main reasons for our seasonal shows.

Our ballet school in Toronto (North York) will help you to feel yourself as a dancer.

Call us at (647) 268-5400 for getting more information about our school.

Ballet today

Ballet is a highly skilled form of dance that is both beautiful to watch and wonderful to take part in.

The dancers are artists - who use their bodies, rather than words or music, to tell stories to the audience or simly to show what amazing things the human body can do when performing.

The art of ballet has developed over several hundred years, from a formal kind of dancing that only happened at royal courts, to today's ballets, which are designed for anybody to come and watch.

It is a style of dance that is loved everywhere, with many top internation ballet companies and famous dancers bringing ballet to a worldwide audience.