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Our ballet dance school known as Russian Classical Ballet Academy was started to give kids / children, young adults, and adults an opportunity to train and learn ballet in the method of A.Vaganova.

The body is your instrument in dance, but your art is outside that creature, the body...


our goal

Most dancers begin their formal training - often in a classical technique, such as ballet - between the ages of five or fifteen.

Our sole purpose at the school is to show, teach, and inspire students about art of dance.

Being a dancer is about conveying thoughts, emotions, and imagery with an immediacy that fully engages and entertains students.




Ballet is an excellent foundation for all forms of dance, because of the strength, grace, precision, and poise it brings to the body.

The foundational principles of ballet were created to, over time and through rigorous training, develop a dancer's grace, poise, posture, and strength.

About Vaganova's method

Vaganova's system is the natural development and continuation of the traditions of the Russina school of ballet. The creative efforts of many Russians choreographers, instructors and dancer were directed toward the perfection of the technique and expressiveness of classical ballet.

Many well-known foreign instructors also worked for the Russian stage. The skills that they imparted were assimilated creatively by the performers and were sometimes considerably altered in stage practice.

The enormous experience amassed by those associated with Russian ballet was critically interpreted and systematized in the Soviet period, and became the innovative basis of the activity of Soviet ballet instructors. This grandiose work was headed by Agrippina Vaganova, a professor of choreography, a People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and an instructor in the Leningrad State Ballet School which now bears her name.


Our goal

Even professional ballet dancers, who dance almost exclusively in pointe shoes, dress in rehearsal clothes in order to pay close attention to the shapes, lines, and curves their bodies make in space.

As a result of tremendous hard work every year from both students and staff, we hope that we can develop and create every student’s dream to become a dancer and give them a chance to explore the art.

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The dance school also offers recreational programs that allow students to learn and gain knowledge of other dance styles and technique. Yearly performances, concerts, and gallery give all the students of Russian Classical Ballet Academy a chance to show their yearly achievements, dedication, and hard work, along with bringing them the experience and joy of performing on stage.

To learn how to effectively perform on stage, and be able to share our student’s passion and interest in dance, is one of the main reasons for our seasonal shows.