Russian Classical Ballet Academy

Terms of Registration & Acceptance in Ballet School

When registering for our dance program, you are making an agreement with the Russian Classical Ballet Academy to attend the dance program for which you have registered. You cannot switch to a different program during the year. However, If you are interested in other programs, we encourage you to sign up for these as additional programs.

It is essential that all persons participating in programs at the RCBA, are familiar with, and agree to abide by the basic rules of good behavior and school policies, including the dress code.

These policies are in place for the following reasons:

Please read carefully, to familiarize yourself with the following:


All registrations must be made in person and endorsed by a parent or an authorized guardian. In the case of separated or divorced parents, if visiting rights coincide with lesson days, both parents are expected to fully co-operate ensuring the student maintains good attendance. No one is permitted to attend classes until registration is completed and signed with payment of fees arranged and approved. An annual $20.00 non refundable registration fee is applied to all registrations.

Who is eligible:

Students ages may vary from toddler to adult categories.


There are generally no refunds after you sign up for the program. The exception is in the case of serious medical reasons confirmed in writing by a family physician. Notice of discontinuance must be in writing and signed by the same person(s) who signed the registration. Being absent from classes does not constitute notice. Considering the small age of the child (3 years old) the parents who sign up for Toddler ballet program will have the privilege to observe their child for a month and if not satisfied with the child’s ability to do the class, remove her\him from the program. In this case you will receive the refund for the program except your $20 Registration fee and the cost for the first month ($72-$90). By completing the registration you are committing to the full cost of the program. Different payment options are offered for your convenience only. If you choose a monthly payments option it doesn’t mean that you paying per each month. Rather, the whole total for the program has been divided for monthly payments. At Management’s full discretion, there may be financial adjustment for late registration. .There are no financial adjustments for family holidays, extra curricular activities or accidents, causing a student to be withdrawn from an important activity such as the competition program or annual recital. Charge for insufficient cheque is $25.


The cost for the recital: $15 – General rehearsal; $20 - 1 ticket; $65 - $125 - costume. Please circle Yes or NO for your child participation in the recital and sign it. The Fee for the recital will be collected on January 15th. There is no refund after the payment for recital is submitted.


The school reserves the right to remove any student from classes and programs if that student: 1. Refuses to accept the authority and direction of the teacher in charge of the class, whether regular staff or substitute. Aggressive and rude behavior will not be tolerated. 2. Refuses to adhere to the established dress code and rules of acceptable behavior. 3. Parental interference. If and when a parent disrupts a class or rehearsal demanding the teacher’s immediate attention, they display a lack of concern & respect for the comfort of the students as well as the authority of the teacher in charge. Aggressive and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Parents wishing an interview are requested to call 647-268-5400 to schedule an appointment.


Please be familiar with all dates and events published, especially the end-of-season recital when announced. The school calendar is published on the back cover of the Course Guide, and is also on the website


Notices may be handed out in class if considered necessary by the staff. Parents please always check your child’s dance bag for notes, receipts and unsanitary dancewear. Also check the notice board on the website.

Proper Conduct:

(a) It is important for all students have good attendance especially in the two months prior to the recital. Try to avoid conflicts such as family vacations from late April to mid June when the End of Season Show takes place. (b) Every student must attend the Photo Call even if not purchasing the pictures, as well as the stage rehearsal for the annual showcase of dance. (c) All teachers hold a place of authority. If a student is late for class, except in special circumstances, or does not appear properly attired and groomed, the teacher has the final word on whether or not the student may participate in, observe or not attend the class. (d) The student who grooms and dresses correctly for class is also properly prepared mentally to focus and achieve greater benefit from their lesson. (e) Co-operation and Support: The RCBA is a family oriented school. If everyone co-operates and is observant of the above terms, the study of dance will be a fun, pleasurable and rewarding experience for all; Student, Teachers and Family Members (f) To provide privacy and comfort for teacher and students, parents are not allowed to sit inside of the classroom during the lesson. (g) At the end of our school year the Russian Classical Ballet Academy will announce an “Open Class” so that parents will have an opportunity to see their child progress. (h) No food is allowed in the studio (i) Parents are expected to provide a bottle of water for their child before the class begins. (j) In order to minimize class interruptions, parents are to encourage their children to use the wash room before the class begins. (k) Please note that students are not allowed to change in the hallways. All students are to change into their dance uniforms at home before arriving to the studio.

All concerns and complaints must be in writing and directed to the attention of the Russian Classical Ballet Artistic Director Natalia Ebner. It is inappropriate to approach the receptionist or any teacher who can only channel your concern since they are not in a position to help you with issues concerning administrative policies, the authority and direction of the teacher in charge of the class, whether regular staff or substitute. Aggressive and rude behavior will not be tolerated.