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Children Ballet Programs

Preparatory Ballet

Toddlers Ballet

pre-ballet toronto north york

One of the main objectives of this program is to show children what ballet is, and in the process teaching them to love this art form. The program for this age group works in a playful way; dancing with the toddlers, the teacher gives the child an opportunity to memorize the movements and use them for their own small individual improvisation.

Thanks to this and the child?s early stages of development, the child begins to associate the movements with classical music, and also develops their flexibility through movements performed on the floor.

Performing simple combinations develops the ability to focus and gives discipline. Each lesson is like a small concert, where the child can watch others dance and also dance for him or herself. It is an opportunity to create their own small dances and watch others do so as well, making a fun environment and letting the child see what dance is all about.


pre-ballet toronto north york

This ballet program is a preparatory study of basic classical ballet. It includes learning arm and leg position, posture, different combinations to develop coordination and proper execution of movements, and the initial study of simple jumps.

A complex of combinations and movement patterns on the floor, aim to strengthen the muscles and develop flexibility. Using different items like scarves, flowers, and tambourines, children get a chance to improvise their own dances with small fragments of classical music; this develops imagination and the capability to make their own dances.

At age 5-6, children start learning step by step the first basic movements at the bar, helping with posture, better balance, and giving a greater grasp on simple combinations.

At the end of the year in June, children have the opportunity to participate in the yearly ballet performance, giving the children an idea of what goals they can hope to accomplish in ballet, to perform on stage and feel the joy and excitement of every recital.

Beginner's Ballet

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This class is the last step in order to begin to study a level of classical ballet. The program of this class includes complex exercises on the floor in a shortened version, to be used only as a quick warm-up to start work at the bar.

Work at the bar includes a gradual learning of movements, their names, and stretches. The teacher introduces a lot of different small combinations, helping to develop a sense of posture, proper execution of movements, turns in different directions, coordination, rhythm, and grace.

Part of the lesson is used to study dance numbers, which will later be included in the annual ballet performance at the end of the year. At the discretion of the teacher, some students may begin to rehearse short solo pieces; for this purpose we introduce separate private rehearsals.

Ballet Grades & Levels

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The study of classical ballet in different levels: