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Russian Classical Ballet Academy mission was to provide students with the opportunity to train under the method of Agrippina Vaganova. Having founded the school in Toronto, the main objective is to popularize the artistry of Russian classical ballet instruction in Canada and to inspire students to train, participate in performance arts, develop exceptional technique, familiarize themselves with classical ballet throughout history and study repertoire. 

Dance Intensive Program

The main goal our instructors strive for, through Vaganova's teaching method, is to help students believe in themselves, their strengths, and inspire them during their discovery of classical ballet. During the lesson, students engage in barre and center practice where they are able to strengthen their workmanship and discipline. Afterwards, during the final stage of the lesson, students acquaint themselves with ballet variation. This aspect of the lesson allows students to realize their oeuvre and feel themselves as the performer prior to the production. 

Children Dance Program

For our youngest students, we offer toddler's the chance to develop coordination, flexibility, improvisation, dexterity, and other skills that allow for the discipline and basis necessary for potential future full-time professional dance study. 

For those students who endeavor to dedicate themselves to a life of a professional career in dance, we offer preparation and training of students for full-time dance programs and entry exams, including National Ballet School, Cardinal Carter for the Arts, Claude Watson, York University Dance Program, School of American Ballet ect.

Adult Program

RCBA also offers programs for adults who are eager to learn classical ballet, contemporary dance from the very basics, allowing them to venture into an activity outside of everyday work-life, full of new insights and a glimpse into the world-renowned artistry of classical ballet. This can prove to be fulfilling, inspiring and also beneficial to one's physical health and well-being. 

Recreational Program

The recreational program is designed to offer students who don't intend to pursue intensive training of dance, or fully devote themselves to the artistic lifestyle, but are still interested to develop themselves culturally and physically.

By expanding their knowledge of classical ballet or contemporary dance, the recreational program allows participants to enjoy themselves while simultaneously improving their posture, coordination, and physical development. In addition, it provides them with cardio and a great workout while maintaining the lesson structure as an inspirational leisurely pastime.