The main objective of the pre-ballet program, similarly to the toddler’s ballet program, is to explain and show young students the core basics of classical ballet. Performing some of the most simple combinations allows students to improve upon their ability to focus, memorise movement, develop musicality, and promotes discipline from a young age.

Classes begin with a variety of floor exercises geared towards stretching, coordination, muscle strength, flexibility, stamina, and proper breathing. Followed by barre exercises including demi plie, tendu, battement tendu in first position, and relevé. Then, centre combinations such as port de bras, learning positions 1 through 3 to work on balance, that strengthen coordination, rhythm, sense of direction, as well as dancing in group/pair formations (diagonal, circle, and line). In addition, students learn jumps such as temps levé, pas échappé, and changement de pieds. Afterwards, students are tasked with creating their own ballet improvisations to small fragments of classical music, which allows for creative development, socialising and working with others, while simultaneously creating a playful and fun lesson structure. Finally, the class in concluded with a small rehearsal to practice dance pieces for the annual recital.