Toddler’s Ballet


The toddler’s ballet program is a preparatory study of the basics of classical ballet. Its syllabus caters to students that are developing their artistic and technical skills from a young age, 3-4 years old, with the intent to strengthen core basics for future dance training.

This program is structured in such a way that each student may learn, participate, and engage in training while also having fun. Classes consist of a compilation of exercises and combinations at the barre which aim to prompt the development of flexibility, posture, balance, coordination, proper execution of movement, sense of direction, and muscle strength. Similarly, centre combinations allow students to learn arm/leg positions, basic jumps, and how to perform combinations in groups and pairs in different formations (circle, diagonal, and line).

Using different props, including scarves, flowers and tambourines, students get the chance to improvise and create their own short dance numbers to fragments of classical music, helping them to grow their imagination and capacity for creativity. This creates a playful atmosphere for young students to combine learning with fun, while simultaneously working to instigate a sense of rhythm, musicality and association of ballet movement with classical music.

At the end of the year, young dancers have the opportunity to showcase the skills that they learned over the course of the season in an open class for the parents.

Young students enrolled in the toddler’s ballet program find that they are more prepared to learn ballet by levels and have a significant advantage over students who sign up in later years without the preparatory experience.